Your Mobile Got water? Perform this step!

 The rainy season is not very friendly towards electronic objects. Keciprat rainwater little, if appropriate regarding electricity teraliri metal, can cause a short circuit and electronic objects was 'respectfully' die alias total.

No exception handphone ( HP ) . In fact , HP is very prone to be victims of ' air raid ' because it can be taken anywhere . If not careful , HP can fall into the water , such as puddles after heavy rain , fell from his shirt pocket and plunged into a water bath while in the toilet , HP soaking wet because of rain because it is stored in your pocket is not waterproof .
During the rainy season like now it's worth doing anticipatory measures . Lest we become victims of floods HP . Let's say , if droiders daring through the rain , because of the demands of work in a place ( eg office ) , HP should be stored in a safe place . If placed in a bag , preferably in a special place watertight .
If placed in a bag that is impermeable to water , preferably before HP put into the plastic , sealed , placed in a new bag . Likewise, if kept in the pocket of clothing , whether pants or shirt , first insert the HP in plastic or plastic containers are watertight .
But if the problem is HP droiders terlanjut drenched by water , whether because kecemplung or simply splashing water , which should be assumed to penetrate into the electrical grid HP , you should immediately take steps to prevent damage anticipatory total .

Here are the steps anticipated:
    1 . Coming off / unplug Batrei hp
2 . Remove the other accessories as well as the sim card and memory card
3 . Unloading / off casing hp
4 . loose bolts and also mobile phone pcb
5 . Blow to full speed on the pcb especially the IC , which is intended to make the water still clinging to    the legs of the IC can get out and do not settle
6 . Dry the pcb / hp with a hair dryer , hair dryer with a suggested distance hp do not get too close so as not to damage the components on the pcb phone
7 . Do not take shortcuts with drying action hp because of the sun's heat can damage the components of the mobile phone
8 . Batrei cas cas hp desktop to the brim . Although you believe the phone is in a dry state , and do not let the first pair Batrei trigger and turn on the phone .
9 . If everything has been done and is fully charged Batrei reattach reattach the pcb phone , casing , and then try to turn the phone Batrei
In the event of unavailability of a hair dryer, for drying thoroughly, droiders can use dry rice to dry the affected HP water. We know the nature of the rice has absorbed the water.

This nature can be used to dry the wet surface HP. Do I put the rice in moderation, which can roughly to immerse HP droiders, on top of the container. Wait about an hour or two, until droiders sure HP has dried.

Droiders should be patient until absolutely sure, that HP droiders really well is dry outside or inside is filled with electronic components is certainly vulnerable to damage if exposed to water resulting in a short circuit.

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