How to make android be a remote tv

Smartphones and tablets that use Android OS platform arguably enough "Free" u2019 for cracked. Moreover, many of the features and support of applications that can be explored to enhance performance. For example, a mobile phone or tablet with Android as a remote TV/AIR CONDITIONING.

The hobby Droiders revamp gadgets while you watch TV would be more comfortable if you could instantly change the channel TV broadcast from a mobile phone or tablet, without having to use a TV remote at times like it tucked or forgotten lay it.

Currently, there have been many of the smartphone or Android tablet fed features/applications for remote electronic devices (TV, DVD, Sound systems, Home Teather to AIR CONDITIONING), e.g. Sony Xperia Z2 tablets. To connect remotely to this much of the way, could use a Bluetooth connection, WiFi even IR (InfraRed).

Well, for mobile phones/Android tablet that does not yet have this remote provisioning facilities can also make use of third-party applications available at Play Store. In fact, many brand electronic offering remote application for linking gadgets

  1. Download and install app. ir remote from google play store.
  2. Next, run the remote application and you will see some of the options menu.
  3. Select " ir a database " to display brand list of products tv.
  4. Specify the brand of TV product that you use, for example LG.
  5. Next, you will get the look of interface/interface of a remote TV remote just like conventional
  6. Well, you could have menggonta-change TV channel and adjust the volume.

In addition to the IR Remote applications, there are many similar applications with kok that much more complete. In fact, it can be used to set the AIR CONDITIONING, DVD player, HiFi, DSLR Camera, Car Audio, Xbox 360 etc. Here's the list: Samsung IR-Universal Remote

The application hosts can make this Net POWER7 smartphone or Android tablet as a remote TV, AIR CONDITIONING, DVD player, BluRay, Cable/Satellite Boxes, Media Player, Home Cinema, Audio System, HiFi, Xbox 360, RGB Leds and much more. Offered in two versions, free and paid (Pro).

Interface and use features remote applications is adjusted with interfaces remote control conforming to a type of brand products concerned.That means you could ultimately controls all features congenital tvon or an electronic device the tablet of a cellphone / android like wearing remote control innate.

Can directly select mode Droiders remote control him, and immediately said to the electronic device. To use the InfraRed connection.

Create Smart TV LG brand owners, can try out remote control application. Hosts applications LG Electronics can help you gain control over all of the features that exist in Smart TVS LG, directly from your mobile phone or Android tablet.

You can set up special entertainment channel, featuring a home TV, adjust the volume and much more. And you can stay connected with all the features present in the favourite gadget, including sharing (sharing) what you see directly into social networking.

To connect the remote control feature in this application, the connection must use Droiders equally between smartphone/tablet with Android Smart TV which is the WiFi.
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