Install Two WhatsApp In One Android? Why not

WhatsApp is cross platform instant messaging application with user terbabyak has now stringent increasingly compete with several other chat applications, such as FUEL We Chat, cocoa Talk etc, along with the development of technology and the increasing creativity of developers came the application of OGWhatsApp, taken from the name of its creator, Osama Ghareeb.

OGWhatsApp allows us to activate two numbers in one active WhatsApp time. OGWhatsApp does not require root access requirements and does not require anything to set it up, just install like WhatsApp in general configuration to do and then can be used.

  1. Install OGWhatsApp (download here) but do not open the application
  2. Backups whatsapp original message your ( unless you not too his selflessness )
  3. Clear Data WhatsApp original by the way go to Settings and select Apps, on the list of applications search WhatsApp then open it and select Clear Data. The other way is easier, reinstall your original WhatsApp
  4. Open sdcard manager, using a file folder rename / sdcard / whatsapp / be / ogwhatsapp / sdcard /
  5. Go to OGWhatsApp, register using the number who used to be in your original WhatsApp. WhatsApp for original, register with the new phone number
  6. More information can be found on the website
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