[News] This is a fact of samsung

Samsung there is everywhere and dominate the world of mobile devices. The latest IDC Quarterly Update, exposing the market penetration of the product manufacture from Korea.

30.3% of the total smartphone market share controlled by Samsung, which is around 85 million units, in the first quarter of 2014

Now compare this number, for the apple huawei, lenovo, and, lg each 15.5 %, numbering 4.9 %, 4.6 %, and 4.4 %; less than 9 % stake samsung.

Total winning market besides samsung is 40,5 %, the figure divided among them so that each before samsung is small, so not merpakann for dominance market samsung today.

IDC predicts shipments of smartphones, will reach 1.2 billion units, to 2014; 200 million increase from last year. This is because the growth in the smartphone market and the constant deployment of new models entering the market, especially the low-range handsets

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