Samsung Galaxy S5 with faster camera

The rumors troubled S5 Galaxy with camera Samsung camera updates with unanswered questions. Camera S5 is now more responsive.In addition, updates S5 also promised the Gallery more sensitive response and more accurate fingerprint.

 The current update is made to the United Kingdom and is expected to gradually apply across all devices. According to the Sammobile, a device that has received the update, it now has a faster camera responds to the will of the user, and also the Gallery better response.

Sources reported fingerprint scanners more accurate.This update eventuaily intended for performance in general, software and to raise the prevention of ram side effects due to update firmware.

Fixed software version in the Android version 4.4.2 and update brings G900FXXU1ANE2. When this update is only available through Samsung Kies software but droiders can manually download and install if you know how.
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