TT Launcher for android

Talk about the launcher known as TT Launcher this is a result of hard work by members of XDA Forum ttmobilefb. Launcher contains docks that are familiar and the app and some customization such as dining drawer desktop and other transition effects, and appearance with shades of ICS and Jelly bean who are familiar with android users in General.

The main features of tt launcher :
  1. Display ICS are very charming. 
  2. Support running on Android 2.2 and 4.0. 
  3. Desktop page which can be custom: up to 9 desktops page. 
  4. Stylish Desktop with an interesting transition effects. 
  5. Docking stations that can be customized: up to 7 icons per page and up to 5 pages. 
  6. Some style scroll: horizontal/vertical. 
  7. Transparent background in aplikasilaci. 
  8. Theme support: GO launcher theme to now. 
  9. Style preview different folders: Stack, Fan, gayaiOS, etc 
  10. the Batch option to add folders 
  11. Support Edit icon/label shortcut

One thing that distinguishes tt launcher of luncher other is tab widget in app drawer .a lot of people said it is not as big changes, But this feature experience furnishes droiders in using launcher ics on android gingerbread nor foryo though.Even there are many customization available at launcher this.

Some of which include: a variety of transition effects, desktop icons, and the ability to keep the launcher in a minimal memory usage and much more.Interested to try it out?
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