Moto X No Mannerisms, Motorola Closed its plant in North Texas

Motorola mobility google announced closure of the factory located in north texas later this year.Google reasoned agreement regarding the operational budget which too high. While products sold moto x less deportment in the market.Spokesman motorola mobility will moss said who will replace operation are flextronics ltd based in singapore.

 Concept smartphone, as also moto x, often designed in united states, but affairs production .done in asia.Example is factory the fort worth, producing smartphone and allow stamping google product with made in usa

The Fort Worth plant currently employs about 700 workers who assemble the Moto X smartphone for the US market, said Moss.

Motorola mobility will be an moto x in brazil and china, of which a charge to labor and delivery not too expensive.

Google buys mobile phone pioneer Motorola for $ 12.4 billion in 2012. Originally retailing Moto X for $ 600. However, sales are very lethargic, Google has dropped the price to $ 399. However, only a small percentage of units sold compared to the Apple iPhone in the first quarter of 2014.

Nevertheless, google reported segments cellphone motorola produce us $ 4.4 billion in sales in 2013, rose 13 percent than last year.

The factory closure announcement comes four months after Google said it would sell the business smartphone Motorola Mobility to computer makers based in Hong Kong Lenovo for $ 2.9 billion. Sales are expected to be closing at the end of this year, according to Securities and Exchange Commission.
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