How to Hide your secret file

Maybe droiders is not kind of person easily lend smartphone to another.But who can guarantee if one day, smartphone droiders who keep many private data lost or whim opened by never responsible?

 A computer user dna-based windows maybe there are many who knows how to menyembunyika a file or folder.Stay open file explorer, click right in the properties, then tick an option 'hidden file' to go wrong!But how sharply android operating system which rarely use linux?

There are several applications in google play that allows droiders to conceal files and folder in android.But why droiders have to install manifold application additional if actually step hide file jempatan easily?

Tips 1: added point way most easy to hide folder is by adding mark point (. ) in front name folder.This method will even hide the folder of applications other like galleries video players, and other application.A name change folder can be conducted by using application file manager such as ice explorer.

So, if droiders having some file personal want disembunyiakn, ai suggest to raise that money in one folder.After terkumbul, new add mark point in front name folder.

For the record, this method used to conceal folder not active or system used by the application of android.The method of unusable on folders 'downloads.'

To hidden folder, do steps following ( use application ice explorer ): open ice explorer press somewhat long folder that will droiders hide, will appear choice rename add mark point (. Front ) name folder done.

While to bring up back, moves are is as follows ( still use ice explorer ):
  • Use a menu acces, fast usually are in the right.Then scroll down to see a menu droiders "show hidden file "
  • Change into a position on to see folder that hidden.To change statsu folder of hidden to normal again, droiders stay menegkan menu "rename"and remove mark point (. )

Tips 2: Used file '. Nomedia'

Users android could use another way to hide folder.The way is by cook file with name ".nomedia "( without the stringed ) within the folder that will be concealed.To do so follow steps below ( still use of a file manager ):

  1. Open folder that want droiders hide 
  2. make a file empty with name ".nomedia " ( without the stringed ) within the folder by using application file manager.This method will hide folder of application as gallery and other applications who have access media.
Two step over expected to hide files and folder on device android you and keep privacy droiders.
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