5 benefits of the android smartphone camera

In addition used to capture the image, the camera on a smartphone can also be used for a variety of other functions.
The following five benefits mentioned above camera zzs Android smartphone that rarely do you use:

1. install the Google Translate translate languages and then select the camera icon and point the camera at the foreign writings that you encounter. Google Translate will automatically translate foreign words to the language you want.

2. find the points of interest you can find attractive locations by installing an application bookmark site like Yelp. By utilizing GPS and cameras, you can see the review site appealing who happened to You frequent.

3. visually Search you can find out information about a picture or object that you see by using Google Goggles. After Google Goggless installed, you can simply point the camera to the object and the user can get the information about those objects in a jiffy.

4. by utilizing the camera Scanner is berseolusi high, you can scan documents in your possession and then converted to other formats such as pdf for example. Android users can install OCR Instantly Free to photograph images and turn it into a range of text.

5. Read QR codes. Quick Response code is a unique code in the form of a picture that contains specific information about a product. By using the QR Code Reader application that is circulating in the Play Store, you can find a complete description of a product in a more quick and practical. In addition to reading the QR code, you can also create a QR code on its own to secure your account by using the Google Authenticator.

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