Xiaomi drive deeper into five large smartphone the world

Sales figures smartphone globally is still continuing to grow, but star among manufacturers world smartphone is not the market leader samsung or apple.He xiaomi, debutant and the surprise of china.

Electronic company still very young as this, china founded by millionaire jun lei.And within 3 months ago xiaomi took smartphone 5 % of the global market.Fyl it refers to the monitoring done by analytics strategy. Similarly, mentioned xiaomi has ship smartphone 15,1 million in the second quarter.

To known, increase mastery market smartphone global of 5.1 % is far above attainment xiaomi on the same quarter last year which only with 1.8 %.Still according to strategy analytics, fifth position is also the highest and first time been reached by xiaomi.Dazzling, this company were four years!

' smartphone android xiaomi very popular in the chinese market and millions of units sold by quarter through online store and operators channel broad, ' said woody oh of strategy analytics.The company is selling cellphone and computer tablet through what they call sales flash on its website, stimulating demand by menggembar-gemborkan that thousands of devices like smartphone mi3 his been sold out within seconds of offered to the public.

 Source & amp; photos: forbes
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