This is a new feature android 5.0 lollipop

Android 5.0 lollipop just being run.Launch a new version os besutan google this also accompanied with device nexus latest, nexus 6 smartphone and tablet nexus 9.Lollipop may be regarded as one updates the most significant in history android.

E.g interface with overtones turned completely ' dryly ' being fashionable.Besides, google also re-incorporate notification system that old, looking pale and gloomy compared with samsung, property , lg or artificial third party you can find in play store.

Option multitasking also getting a boost with nuangsa system card google now, and there are many other change unseen, as a compiler 64-bit and project voltaic for durability batteries.Now we discuss one by one anything new features in android 5.0 lollipoop

1. New "Material " Design

 Language visual new android inspired by nature, physics, and bold; display graphic looklike mold.Or in other words, design based on quality paper.To impress material design, looklike metaphor material ' use attributes tactile hairs which familiar' and ' the lighting realistis' to give ' space rasionalisasi' and ' mechanical systems '.

Fundamental second is motion.Google very specific about how android move on the screen device you.All on-going action in a neighborhood objects presented to users without disturbing activity even when they change and reorganize.Feedbacknya smooth but clear. .

2. Android on all screen

Android Lollipop uses the concept of an all-screen that can adjust the device when used in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, cars, watches, and electronic House, similar to that run by Micrososft in latest Windows.

3. new design notification

Brand-new JPEG

Notification on Android the new design gets Lollipop. The nitifikasi system diitngkatkan can now display the priority and hide anyone not prioritized. To display other live notification sliding down. Another cool new feature of the new norifikasi is way above appears from the application that you are using, allowing you to view it without switching the view. Not only that, You will be able to ignore or follow through with ease.

4. 64-bit ART compiler


Who is revolutionary change in android, too.Replace dalvik compiler to art efficient that would make really android cross-platform on mortgages, mips x86 and.Art compiler significantly would optimize working memory when loading, and applications so promising to google performance twice as fast.Besides, all 64-bit, art so can take advantage of new applications written of groundup for reprocessing 64-bit, architecture as cortex-a57 processor mortgages new.It also will take many ram memory, to be handled so see android device with more than 3 pl ram unnecessary dipertanyaan.All this come free of charge, improvement of course, soon after android new touch your mobile phone.

5.Project to improve endurance voltaic battery


Project voltaic is additional new device that allows developers to easier find out how and why an application affect endurance batteries, and that tool to ensure certain duties to not active battery when weakening.The first part of called battery historian.This provides detailed record of the when battery drained and what actually use it to help identify features developer who eat too much battery power.Next is fire job scheduler, which makes it easier for the developer to choose a task performed, mean tasks that drain battery jempatan when replenishing, or device would avoid renewal if battery application dying.On the user, now there are built-in fashion battery saver, similar to what found on samsung or htc.Version
 Google built-in brightness to cut the screen the cpu your work and bounds updates background.

6. Menu recent apps


Tab recents only now the division of tab chrome existing become separated, can clicked links, and distinct.Moreover, google once more open this fire to developer, so if that the kind of function sensible to a particular application, developer benefit.7.Context-aware unlocking personal unlocking is positive ingenious can extrapolate bluetooth device that mobile device or tablet being connected at the users, even voices unique.In demonya, in which the sails locked key pattern will impassable when smartphone android close to smartwatch.Both and paired, so cellphone very recognize smartwatch, and detected that users not far.If smartwatch outside the reach of the key pattern appearing again.In other words, system detect when users far and asked key pattern to prevent access needed.

8. Separate work and no play


Android lollipop easy for users in using devices for two kinds of use, work and play.It includes data keep apart, and get help from sources that surprising.This feature maybe born of cooperation between google and samsung recently, and this pretty important.Samsung has contributed part of software security knox of run as part of the essence of android.This will keep data work and personal become separated, and this into standard in android lollipop.This also would allow samsung knox independent software vendor ( isv ) and developer to reach out to a wider audience outside device branded samsung.

9. An increase in the search are contextual


Google has put emphasis on kembali', ' hoes which means that google search will now better in record what you do before.One is knowledge keutamaanya features of google earth search- user search for location.These queries conducted in a separate applications of search, then incorporated in the result you get to demand search- the same or similar, and you can jump right to a particular application and will start right where you stop it.10.Support fire-new, bluetooth 4.1, usb audio and burst fashion picture sdk android lollipop will contain support for thousands of fire-new, with some s-worth reputed to be 4.1, bluetooth support audio, usb and mode of bursh photo to the application of third parties

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