Data Resellers- Get the Cheapest internet Data Plans for Smartphones and PC

Data Resellers- Get the Cheapest internet Data Plans for Smartphones and PC

Getting internet data plans from data resellers is one of the best alternatives to get huge amount data bundle plan at low rate. Most Smartphone and PC users do complain about the high consumption of there internet plans (Mostly airtel users). Before I hit the nail, let me brief you about the advantages of purchasing data bundle from a reseller.

Why You Should Purchase Data Bundle from A Reseller

There are great benefits of purchasing internet data plans from data resellers and these are;

- You get huge data plans at low costs (No Normal internet data plan bundle as cheap as that bought from a data reseller)

- The data count rate is very much slow. Unlike airtel data plans, you can consume 4GB within few days without downloading files, but if you purchase any data plan bundle from a data reseller, your data would last. Even the 250MB data plan purchased from a data reseller can last you for 30days talk more of 1GB.

Best Data Resellers Service
Mighty Solution is a trusted data reseller that I can stand and testify for. He offers huge and cheap plans. Below shows the list of plans he does offer;

Etisalat 250MB- #400 (via bank deposit), #500 (via Airtime)
Etisalat 500MB- #700 (via bank deposit), #800 (via Airtime)
Etisalat 1GB- #1200 (via bank deposit), #1400 (via Airtime)
MTN 1GB- #1100 (via bank deposit), #1200 (via Airtime)

The above data plan offer works on all internet enabled device, which includes you smartphones, Java phones, Symbian phones, Android phones, Windows phones, iPhones, blackberry and Computers. To check sent data plan for MTN, simply dial *461*7# & that of Etisalat, simply dial *229*9#.

To purchase any of the above data plans, simply contact Mighty Solution Service via calls or whatsapp @ 07033044456. The internet data plans that would be sent after purchase would be valid till 30days. His service is an outstanding one and once you purchase, it doesn't take upto a minute and gbam, your data is sent. So I advice you hook up with his service and enjoy the internet with no restrictions.

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