Etisalat now rocking with YourFreedom app on android and PC device

Android and Pc users, this tweak goes to you.
All thanks to owner of the your-freedom vpn software.

This tweak works perfectly and also rocks faster to those who their 3GB is looking at them with the use of Android or PC device.


Just follow the below procedure:
First download your-freedom app Here

Then input the below settings:
Server Connection>> your freedom server:>

Connection mode:> DNS
port:> 53

Tweaks:> Nigeria etisalat.

Now move back to
proxy settings>> proxy address:>

Save connection and start flexing....
For Pc users:
==>Open an account Here

==> Download the latest Your-free Here

==>Install and run as administrator.

==>Goto configure + server connection =

==>enterport 53.

Connection mode=DNS.

Tweak Nigeria Etisalat.


Then mark 3,5,7,9.
Then minimum buffer size=1500.

Reconnection delay=5000,
initial post size=10000000,

minimum= 20000,
ftp mode= both,
ssl protocol= Any.

==>input your username and password you used in registering in the account information area save and exit.

==>Then goto the Ports and untick Web
Port= 6050 or 6052 and tick back that's all.

==>Configure your browser like this
Proxy: and Port 6050 or 6052 depending on the one you used on Your Freedom

APN: etisalat
Proxy address:

Save and hit the connect button.
This tweaks blaze with the fullest speed on premium account

Hope this Helps. Feel free to lay-down any problem.

More tweaks loading for android and Pc......
Java loading..... fully on point.........
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