How to perform a clean reload of a blackberry OS device

Disclamier: This might lead to a permanent lost of your data.
In other words, you are adviced to backup your blackberry data with a pc.


Requiremets needed for the OS clean reload:
1. A Computer
2. Your blackberry device

To get started:
1.Click the Device menu and select Update...

2. A dialog box appears and indicates that there are no BlackBerry Device Software updates available, click View other versionsin the lower left corner

3. The check box for the currently installed version is selected in the Available Versions list. Click the Install button.

4. Clear the check box next toBack up device data

5. Click the Install update button.
Kudos... its done....

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Note: The main advantage on performing a clean reload on a Blackberry OS device is that it speeds the device.
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