Etisalat tweak super-speed with JWP app

This xmas tweak goes out to all symbian users. For now symbian users would be blazing this tweak, Java, android and pc users loading....

For over a week now, i have been recieving mail from most of my blog readers concerning my promise on dishing out tweak this festive period, well, now i am back for that, all things have there time.

To cut the story short.
First download Jwp mobile Here

Create settings:
Configuration name: Jwp
APN: etisalat
Port: 8080

Then follow the below procedure:
Install and open the app
=>Protocol: HTTP
=>http port: 8080
=>J.W.P user: guruswizard
=>J.w.P pass: guruswizard
=>J.W.P server:
=>Isp proxy:
=>I.S.P port: 8081
Leave other field empty
Tweak: select ETISALAT NG
Then save.
Enter options then connect.
It would display similar stuff like:
>>Authencation in progress
>>Account status: *** *** *** ***
>>Connection date: ***-***-**
>>listening to

Then you are good to go, just minimize the app, and move to and defauld browser and start flexing..

If you have any problem, Let us know.
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 1:29 PM

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