Top rated symbian game emulator for symbian phones

Most of you might have heard about emulators or simulators but don't really knows what it means.

Before i discuss on the most rated emulator for symbian, i would first explain what an emulator means.

What is an emulator?

From the wikipedia, an emulator in computing is a hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates ) the functions of one computer system (the guest ) in another computer system (the host ), different from the first one, so that the emulated behavior closely resembles the behavior of the real system (the guest). This focus on exact reproduction of behavior is in contrast to some other forms of computer simulation , in which an abstract model of a system is being simulated.

But in simple terms,
refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device to emulate (imitate) another program or device.

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Now we understand what an emulator truly means, lets move into the discussion of the day.

C2doom is what am talking about.

C2DOOM is a very powerful game engine in which you would be needing a wad file to run games.
The most interesting thing about this app is that its with a very high sound effect which is 3D- based. Thats the more reason i rate it more than any other symbian game emulator.

To download C2doom for your symbian S60 phones Click Here

How To Play "c2dooms" Games?

1st => Install the C2Doom emulator

2nd => Download c2Doom Romfrom here. All are zip file.

3rd => If you have a Zip Manager or HandyZip or X-Plorer, extract the ".wad" file from c2Doom games rom (Zip file) to any others folder.
Which you would download from here.

4th => Now open your c2Doom emulator.
Then click on search for wid file. May be you found your downloaded c2Doom game.

Here are the list of C2doom Roms games:-
1. Dark Castle
2. Batman
3. Antichrist
4. Heretic
5. Counter Strike
6. 007 Golden Eye
7. Wolfenstein 3D Nocturne Mission
8. Hell Raiser
9. Hexen
10. Pinochestein

I would end here, you can mail me for more games.

Hope this helps, I love comments
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