How to Root Any Android Phone or Tablet without a computer + Advantages/disadvantages in rooting your Androids

Rooting android device have been so paramount nowadays. Well before i move into the topic of the day on how to root your android device without a computer, i would first discuss on the disadvantages and advantages in rooting your android device.

Advantages In rooting your android device

Running special applications-
Superuser is an app that can only be run on a rooted Android phone. This allows you to control which apps have access to the "root" system. Another popular application that "rooting" affords is the ability to tether a computer to your Android phone so that the computer can access the Internet using the phone's data connection. Another program can allow your Android to be used as a WiFi Hotspot without having to pay your provider for the feature.

Freeing up memory-
When you install an app on your phone, it is stored on the phone's memory. "Rooting" allows you to move installed applications to your SD card, thus freeing up system memory for additional files or apps.

Custom ROM's-
This is the most powerful feature of "rooted" phones. There are hundreds of custom ROM's that can do anything from speeding up the processing speed of your phone to changing the entire look and feel of your phone.

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Disadvantages of rooting your android device

There are two main disadvantages to rooting and Android phone;

Rooting immediately voids your phone's warranty-
Once rooted, don't try to bring your phone back for service or warranty work. You are on your own!

Rooting involves the risk of "bricking" your phone-
In essence, a "bricked" phone is no better than carrying around a brick in your pocket. The phone is dead when it has been "bricked."

Other potential disadvantages, though less severe, are still worthy of consideration;

Poor performance-
Though the intention of "rooting" a phone is to give the phone more performance, several users have found that, in their attempts to speed up the phone or add additional features, that their phones lost both performance speed and features. Remember that when you "root" your Android phone, you are making changes to the stock operating system.

Yes, even phones can get viruses. A common practice that people do with "rooted" phones is to flash their ROM's with custom programs. Whenever you make changes to the code of a software, you run the risk of introducing a virus.
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