Glo introduces a new Xmas bunty package which gives you 200% of your recharge

Xmas! Xmas!! Xmas!!! All network are begining to drive to there promo package.
This morning i recieved an alert from Glo concerning their new xmas bonus package.

Glo just introduced a new tariff plan that will always give you 200% bonus whenever you recharge. They call it Glo bumpa. Lets say you recharge #100 on your glo line, you will be given #300 or you recharge 1,000 on your Glo line, you will be given #3,000 to call all network across the country.

To opt in to the plan, dial*100*10*1# and press 1 when asked for confirmation.
Along side, Glo introduces Xmas bounty harvest for all her customers this season.

In the spirit of the season, Glo has put together a special gift pack for her consumers to benefit from the core services that Glo stands for. The Glo bounty Gift Pack is a data and devices bounty packed full with the richness that is Glo.


If you are thinking of the best gift to give to your love one this season, this might just be a superb gift you might want to consider. The glo bounty harvest comes in two forms, small and big.

In each of the packs contains a sim, phone, modem etc with free data bundle once activated.

To get there prices, Kindly check in Here

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