BBM Updated With The New Friend Features on IOS and Android smartphones

Recently, the Blackberry carrier provider introduced a new feature on their blackberry messenger for Android and Iphone smartphones.

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This features is a new friends feature that helps you to stay connected to your close ones by scanning your contact list and enables you to send an invite through email or sms to them to download the app.
For those in your contact list already using BBM, you can easily add them up.


Seems like this feature is a much better that the previous one, sharing of Pins feature which limit your access in a way, onlike other IM apps, they scan your contact list and check on the people in your contact list that have used their app.

From the information gathered, this latest features would be implemented into your BBM app in the next 24hrs.

Hope this helps....
Posted by Ryuzaki ninesix | Published at 12:10 PM

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