Do you have any issue with your personal computer? Fix it here

Most people that own a laptop or computer are probably having difficulties with it. If you are one of them, then this topic is really important to you.

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I met a friend few days ago. He doesn't come around often, and by his facial expression, I knew he needed help.

After we greeted, he said he has a problem. I told him that whatever the case might be, he should pour it out and maybe we can resolve it together.

He said this may sound funny, but he is being monitored by a friend through his computer. I started laughing, he looked at me with a sad face and said he is serious about it.

He told me how his friend came to his house the previous day and told him what he usually use his computer for. He was suprised. I smiled and said I know it seems tricky, he said yes ofcourse and asked for a solution.

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I told him that the problem is that his computer is being attacked with Trojan, so he has to protect his firewall in order to stop being monitored.

I know you might be suprised by this, just like he was. But actually, his system was being hacked into and was monitored through the use of Trojan attack.

How To Prevent or Remove Such Attack?

To prevent or remove such attack, you have to protect your firewalls.
I will stop here.

This is just a warning that your computer might be at risk as of this moment.

I would love to hear your own story or complaint.

If you got any problem with your computer that you have been wishing to resolve, then we are always willing to Help.
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