Android can't in charger?This is the solution

Lately the Im experience little problems when conduct charging on the im use Android gadget, but this time using the supplied my charger nonOriginal , when dicharge and long wait but batrey never full, layarpun moving itself without touching the screen. This makes the curious, does batrey my smartphone is out of date, or there is a fault of the system on the Android.

After im do charging with the charger ori and a long wait, but the batreypun never fully charged but here the roots of masalahpun are found. I.e. There is little interference in the system on a smarthpone Android im use, probably due to a system crash because the im do Charging using battery charger a non ori.

For the im do a little Experimentation through recovery mode, then do wipe data n wipe cache. Then im do Charging again and batrey can already fully charged.

The conclusion of the trouble over

  1. As good as his do charging using battery charger Ori because the difference of current that results from a variety of different charger
  2. Don't do charger games, while doing activities because the internet age batrey was going to shorten etc.
  3. Clear the cache for cache cleaner application through or that are widely available in recovery playstore
  4. If not fully charged and batrey has done above, but not successfully, perform calibration with calibration batery applications.
  5. If point 4 is already done but batrey to fully charged, it may be time to replace the new batrey Droiders thought.

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