Tips for opening the Lock Pattern is Blocked

To maintain the privacy of the user is often a gadget especially android take advantage of key features patterned (Lock Pattern) to protect his favorite gadget from the hands of the ignorant who often abuse their gadgets, either used to update the status of a strange or simply read an sms which is very personal.
But there are times when we forget or even anyone who tries to open the lock pattern but to no avail, this causes the lock pattern could not be opened/blocked, for that AI will share tips on opening the lock pattern that locked/blocked.

Method 1: Recovery with a Google Account, But this way requires active internet data packets. This way quite easily, simply enter Droiders google email address used on the gadget and then enter the password email. Then google will provide the unlock code to a alamt email. If it hasn't appeared a column to enter the email and password lock unlock pattern repeat to the email and password fields appear usually on top of it will be written Too many patterns attemps.

Method 2: Perform factory reset via recovery. This way leads to loss of data, application contact, sms on the internal memory.

Droiders enough in recovery mode only, typically using a combination of HOME and the POWER button, Volume. Depending on the type and brand of android being used. Then select wipe data factorey reset and select yes. After that select the reboot system now, and wait for it to go to the main menu. May be useful.
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