Full Wipe Before Flashing a Custom Rom and Firmware

Before you replace the ROM Firmware or im doing what is usually called a FULL WIPE. So that the files on the system, data, and cache from previous ROM is completely erased from our Device.

Why the need to do a full wipe? Since the number of cases concerning the system's problematic in the Android Device (commonly called BUGS) after flashing the ROM, it might yet Droiders clears the cache when data/system wipe before flashing a new ROM.

Perhaps in this case Droiders do full wipe only with 2-step or 4-step wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, and wrote the last wipe dalvik cache. in this way, according to Ai less so perfect in purging the cache file and system data. This time im will share tips on how to do a Full Wipe before flashing the Firmware/Droiders flashing CustomRom using CWM Recovery.

        1. Reboot to Recovery (CWM Recovery)
        2. Wipe data/factory reset
        3. Wipe Cache Partition
        4. Mounting and Storage
  • 4.1. format/cache 
  • 4.2. format/system 
  • 4.3. 5/data format. 
        5. Advance
  • 5.1. wipe the cache dalvic

Note: FULL WIPE does not mean deleting all the data imaginable on the SD card as an image file and music etc. Full wipe just clears the cache, and system data on the internal memory, such as: contacts, sms, applications, etc.

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