For the safe of the child, Please turn off your cell phone!

Not just the children who are often forgotten time when playing. Parents were sometimes the same bersalahanya with more to spend time to check out the smartphonenya rather than taking the time to create the fruit of the heart. In fact, the consequences of this behavior can be bad for children.

   Is Dr. Jenny Radesky, a pediatrician specializing in taking development of the child. When he worked at a clinic in seattle USA, Radesky observing so many parents are ignoring his son and more playing around with her cell phone.

 One example is when he noticed a mother carrying the stroller. The mother put the smartphone among myself and the baby. When her baby to see her mother's face and smiled, her mother instead are joyful to see Youtube videos on your smartphone. A communication effort that does not get entwined.

  Radesky very focused with this problem and decided to do the further study.After moving to Boston, he and two fellow researchers spent the summer by doing observation of 55 different groups of parents and their children. Observations made while they were eating at a fast-food restaurant.

   Many caregivers who immediately took out a mobile device as soon as it arrives on site. "They look to smartphones, shift and the page and typing this. They just put it intermittently ". Radesky Said.

   This observation is not a scientific study, but rather to the anthropological observations, complete with different records. As a result, 40 of the 55 groups of elderly people using smartphones during the meal, and more sad, they are more attentive to his personal device rather than their children.

Radesky calling it a big mistake because the interactions are face-to-face is the main way for children to learn.

' They learn language, learn about their emotions, they learn to control it, '
She Continued. ' They learn by observing how communication is done by their parents, how to read facial expressions, and ... If it doesn't happen (due to busy parents with his gadgets), children would lose an important development phase.

   Still from the observations that he did, Radesnsky also menangkapbahwa the kids whose parents are busy with the smartphone or gadgetnya seringali act outside the limits in order to attract the attention of his parents.

   For example, the case of a group which recorded Radesky consists of a father and his three children. The father was busy fiddling with the smartphonenya. His three sons then sought to draw attention to the ebrnyanyi aloud emlakukan and various acts of ridiculous.For example, the case of a group which recorded Radesky consists of a father and his three children. The father was busy fiddling with the smartphonenya. His three sons then sought to draw attention to the ebrnyanyi aloud emlakukan and various acts of ridiculous.

   When the song of the already too hard, the fathers paused of smartphonenya and coarse-grained his three sons.However, it not make the boy deterrent, and they go back do silly and sing with harder.

   Is the Psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair, who wrote a book on parenting titled ' The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age (The Big Disconnect: protect your Relationship to children and Families in the Digital age). He sees many parents, teens and children who are younger when practiced at the clinic in Massachusetts. The father's angry reaction earlier has actually predicted.

    ' When you do chat or answer email, part of your brain that is part ' do '. There is interest and pressure to quickly finish the job. As a result, you'll easily upset when the work was interrupted or disturbed, ' said Steiner-Adair

   ' And, if the parents are more concerned with the digital world, this will cause a profound emotional consequences in children, ' continue Steiner-Adair.

   ' it is equivalent to telling child that they ( parents ) no longer care, children irrelevant, parents not interested in what was done children, ' said.

   In a study conducted for his book the Steiner-Adair, ia memwawancarai 1000 children between the ages of 4 to 18 years old, asking their opinion about the habits of their parents who are using smartphones. The dancing, the words are repeatedly out of the mouth of the respondents is, ' sad, mad, angry, and alone. One child aged 4 years and even dub his smartphone as ' stupid ' phones.

  Some kids very happy jikda can hide the smartphone's parents, throwing to the toliet or baking it in an oven. Salahseorang girls say, ' I feel bored, very bored of my dad because he always Forget, calling , guns know time. '

  Steiner-Adair says we don't know exactly how much the disconnectedness of our suburban moments between parents and children is affecting children in the long run. But based on stories he heard, she suggested that parents think twice before using your smartphone while being with the kids.


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