Tips Screen Shoot in Samsung Galaxy S 3

Okay, samsung galaxy s3 probably not series android latest.But have not know how to do screenshoot ( record screen shot ) on smartphone besutan land gingseng this.So, just follow instructions following:

There are two ways to take a Screen Shoot on Samsung Galaxy S3

The first way:
  • find what you'd like to capture 
  • press and hold the power button and home button simultaneously 
  • Screenshoot will tercapture and save to Gallery

The second way:
Samsung has innovative features give the motion to the Galaxy S3. One of the Innovative motions allows you to use the side of your Palm with just a swipe over the screen. Just need to activate the Plam Swipe to Capture the settings, follow the following ways:
  • Sliding down and select setting, notification oscillating
  • on setting choose motion
  • Scroll down to hand, setting montions
  • There are two check boxes on the Hand Palm, Montions Swipe to Capture and Palm Touch to Mute/Pause
  • Make sure both check boxes are already checked off

Now you can try it out. On the side of the screen, use the side of your hands and then slide away. From the right or left, it doesn't matter, as long as you do it right. After that check the gallery to see the screen shoot that we just capture. If you are confused
See Video Here :
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