Profit of $ 892 million, a creator of game ' clash of clans' rich

For Droider Android game lovers certainly are not familiar with the game Clash of Clans available at playstore. Supercell, the company behind the game Clash of Clans and Hay Day, got a big enough profit in 2013. Revenue increased almost nine times, from $ 101.000.000 in 2012 to $ 892.000.000 in 2013.

The company was founded in June 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. The company was a success thanks to the game Clash of the Clans was able to grab the game download of 10-50 million. In addition to announcing the financial statements in the year 2013 Supercell also announced its third game after a Clash of Clans and Hay Day i.e. titled Boom Beach. This Supercell third Game is rumored to release in March.

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