Samsung Gear Solo, Smartwatch with SIM CARD Slot

Reported by koreaherald, from the beginning of this news blows from a document leaked on the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Patent Office in South Korea. In the document, specify the name of the company Samsung Electronics who filed a patent with the name% u201CSamsung% u201D Solo Gear for the type of device the smartwatch self-contained (standalone) or does not need to be connected first with a smartphone. 
 Refer to the name of a Solo, other clothing this latest Samsung will allow users to make and receive calls without synchronisation with smartphone first. A source previously said that SK Telecom this new model will only be available in Korea for a while, but does not cover the possibility will also be released in other global markets. Many people who predict that the Samsung Gear for Solo will be equipped with a universal subscriber identity module, or USIM, and Bluetooth, and internet connection via WiFi and mobile data. So far the Samsung is still reluctant to give information about the smartwatch equipped USIM.
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