Beautiful Unique Live Wallpaper For Android Nexus 5

Live wallpaper is the simplest way to perform customization on Android phones Droiders. With existing animation effects, users get a fresh feel of the phone as well as attractive. Limited stock live wallpapers on the phone can certainly be overcome with its own download it from the internet.

However Droiders still have to replace them manually if you want to get a new atmosphere. Luckily there is a developer who saw this and decided to make a free application that will help Droiders get a new Live Wallpaper and set it up automatically every day.

For more details please refer to the following tips:

1. Download and install Muzei Live Wallpaper from the PlayStore Open the application and proceed with 'Activate' to activate.

2. Next select the settings and can choose the source Droiders wallpapernya live. Please slide the screen sideways and check My Photo if you want to use live wallapaper Droiders stored in the mobile phone.

3. You can also set the level of opacity and flicker with live wallpaper select advanced.

4. To see more clearly the live wallaper please homescreen tap twice

5. Muzei will automatically replace the live wallpaper Droiders phone every day. When using a live wallpaper of the phone memory Droiders can set the frequency of replacement of the live wallpaper of one, three, six, 24 hours or 3 days

                               5 Steps to Optimize Nexus 5

Carrying the name of Google, Nexus devices are always assigned by the search engine giant's world as the carrier's latest Android platform. The fifth series of the Nexus back dimanufakturi by LG also contributed similar tasked to bring the Android platform four commonly known by the name KitKat. Using 800 speed 2.2GHz Snapdragon processor, the Nexus 5 is included in the premium class smartphone is certainly ready to perform a variety of tasks and functions with smooth performance without pause. With the injection of new platform, the Nexus 5 is armed with a variety of settings that will make the performance of this smart phone is getting okay.

1 . cameraNexus 5 carry a better camera than its predecessor the Nexus 4 . The initial version of Android 4.4 does not deliver significant performance cameras . But after emerging version 4.4.2 , then the camera showed his strength Nexus 5 start by holding the latest features . In addition to holding the camera features such as pre-existing photosphere and panorama mode , the camera Nexus 5 now presents a variety of settings for the HDR mode + .Google itself provides assurance that taking pictures using HDR + mode will make the pictures taken during the day look brighter . While the images are taken at night or indoor will look sharper .To use this feature , users can simply press the button on the right of the shutter icon , then select HDR + in the left menu . Another feature that can readers get is use the volume up and down to have your picture taken where previously users only have the option of the shutter button . You can also take pictures while recording video by tapping on the screen .
2 . widgetWhen first using the Nexus 5 a lot of confusion when users want to access widgets . When the widget is placed on the previous menu page , then returned to the platform position as KitKat widget on Android Gingerbread . To access the widget you simply hold your finger while on the homescreen .
To put the widget on the homescreen users simply hold and drag the widget to the homescreen panels are empty . While to embed the widget in lockscreen position , you can do so by going into the settings menu and provide security in boxed checkmark next to " Enable widgets " .
3 . notificationsTo ensure that users do not miss the incoming notification , LG added lights under the side of the screen Nexus 5 . Lights red , green and blue that you must first activate that turn on automatically every time a notification entry . To activate it please go to the display settings and provide a check in the box next to " Pulse notification light " .
4 . SMSGoogle has recently added support for SMS features in applications and make Hangout Hangout become the default application for SMS . However , not all users like the look of this Hangout and prefer to use an alternative sms app provided by Google Play . To select the sms app that you like , please go to the settings menu - > more - > Default SMS app . Of course you have to install the sms app from the Play Store first order alternative sms app out there .
5 . callBesides changing the look and features of the camera is there, Google seems to also give the possibility to users to change the way they communicate . One of the revolutionary change that is made ​​is to integrate the entire database of contacts stored on Google servers with a menu of phone calls on the Nexus 5 .
Has become the norm for users of Google services like Google+ or email to enter their mobile number when you first enroll . Well with a feature called " Caller ID by Google " , users can now peek phone numbers of people from all over the world who associate themselves with the Google+ service as long as they allow it .
If you use an Android phone Nexus 5 or another KitKat to call other people as well as the name of your Google+ profile will appear in the display instead of the other person writing Unknown Number which usually appear when the incoming call is not in the phone contacts . To disable this service please follow the tips that have been discussed in the tabloid writers PULSE 279 editions ago .
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