BOOTLOOP types and how to Hadle it

This time i will talk about the kinds of bootloop.Hopefully gives little enlightenment to droiders.
Bootloop actually good for so an evaluation on to users android so if happen again droides know how to handle it.

1. "Light  Bootloop"
 Bootloop because Droiders might try fiddling with mobile phones and does not use the recovey of fashion.

How is the solution: unplug the battery and reboot. Repeat until phone Droiders can already live longer

2. "Medium Bootloop"
Bootloop is due to the recovery mode. If for instance after bootloop still can enter recovery mode, then this is categorized as medium bootloop bootloop. How settlement is to restore backups in CWM if Droiders haven't been doing backups in CWM, then it could be done via odin

3."Hard Bootloop"
Bootloop this could be caused by a variety of things. The most notable case of this is when bootloop wants to get into recovery mode, having fixed Bootloop Droiders Diponsel How the solution was using odin

Additional :
if there bootanimation repeated and droider can not enter into startupo, then penyelesainnya is to use cwm or odin.Things like this can emerge due for name device changed.The kinds of bootloop stated above was the experience of writer own.Hopefully beneficial!
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