How to Unlock Bootloader all HTC device

Unlock bootloader is the process of wasting or opening protection on system os attached.But by doing unlock bootloader, not that device already tars root.

Because root on status sperangkat android limited only to certain akses-akses administrator and not full access like purposes unlock bootloader.anda must also be aware of the negative consequences of the process to unlock bootloader namely

1.garansi manufacturers are scorched automatically.But this would not apply if the claim of a warranty, at the time of the process the factory is / distributor not scrupulous or not seeing the condition of your devices already ter-unlock bootloader

2. Risk experiencing softbrick ( dead total because failure installation os ).Unlock bootloader htc basically many of the equipment users android who performs process unlock bootlader by reason they want to modify os that is embedded in their device in hope to more flexible to be modified, increase performance and others.

Prior to the process of unlock bootloader please do full backup, because the process unlock bootloader will remove all of the data contact, text messages, and applications.Tutorials backups get over here

  1. Download Here-sdk next extract in local folder example c:\mini-sdk
  2. Open site and create account
  3. Log in with new account and choose unlock bootloader.
  4. Clik on "Get started" Button
  5.  Expand list of supported devices and choose "All Other Supported Models"
  6. Click on  "Begin Unlock Bootloader" Button
  7. In Question "Are you sure you want to continue?", click Button "Yes"
  8. Tick on second box and click  "Procced to Unlock Instructions"
  9. Follow step 1,2,3,4 and ignore step 5,6,7. and next step 8.
  10. Open command prompt on PC ( Start > Run > type cmd and press enter ).
  11. Move to the folder where we unzip the file mini-sdk. (type in Command Prompt: cd c:mini-sdk).
  12. Follow steps 8 and 9. On the last step, click the ' Submit ' button.
  13. You get an email from htcdev file that contains unlock _ code.bin as attachment.
  14. Download Unlock_code. bin file and save it in the folder c:mini-sdk
  15. At the Command Prompt type the command: fastboot flash unlocktoken bin Unlock_code.
  16. On the screen will appear the question whether You want to unlock the bootloader. Use the vol up and down for navigation and power button to execute.
  17. Device will factory reset.
  18. Done 

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