News Iran Citizens Forbid Use WhatsApp

There is a trade-off between drag factions politics in Iran. The users of the services currently WhatsApp misgivings. Report on Fox News, land of the Ayatollah decided to ban its citizens use WhatsApp. But a number of officials of the Ministry said they oppose steps progressif.

President Hassan Rouhani has download twit raising statement, but the Committee to determine Criminal Web Content (Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content) Iran has reportedly asked for the popular messaging services is prohibited on the basis that the service now owned by American Zionists, Mark Zuckerberg (who's Jewish background).

In addition to the premise of the obsolete antizionis, a simple explanation is perhaps related to threats against Iran conservative

Previously, Twitter and Facebook banned in 2009, because it is proven to be utilized to mobilize mass protest movement against former hard-line President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

A messaging service rival, WeChat, also recently banned in Iran, despite having no obvious relationship associated Jews, Zionist or Israel.

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