Take a photo of someone attempting to unlock your Android Phone

Nowadays, In this moderm world, the demand of android device have become so rampart. We are all aware that the android smartphone is now one of the most valueable smartphone to various individuals.

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Today's stroll, I would be breifing you on how to take a photo of someone trying to unlock your android phone.
Keeping your android phone safe is quite a reasonable idea, as we all know that android phones now serves as a mini computers in which all vital documents and files are being stored.
Previously, we discussed a related fact on how to lock your android device with finger prints lock mode, and I know quite some users would be enjoying the app features. Well this tutorial am about to brief you is of more advanced security mode than the previous.

Take a deep breath in and out and feel relaxed as I take on this tutorial.

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How to Know who tried a Unlock your android phone

With Lockwatch app, I garantee the security mode of your android device. Actually, Lockwatch Anti-theft is a free android app that helps you capture secretly the image of someone that have tried several times to unlock your android phone and then emails you the image and the GPS location of that person.

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