Hewlett Packard Developed Android devices With 100 Terabytes

Formerly seteleh melego mobile-nya, operating systems webos to an american company hewlett packard ( hp ) a company that focus on computer products try to get back to business being moncer this.

CTO hp martin frink declare in the capacity of 100tb life someone could stored in smartphone.' we want you can save your whole life.Imagine if storage space equal to 100 terbium smartphone is inside your ' frink said.

The idea spring into life because technological development current pcs are still not able to develop computer and cell phone with capacity in a matter of terabytes.And focusing on opportunity seems will be necessity berimpak in magnitude demand when this project succeeded.Development projects architecture new named ' the machine'

The main purpose of the machine is to replace storage space technology used to computing systems now with single ' memory universal' pool made of memristors.It is a new memory is still in a research phase -- ion not use of electron and code and zeros in a computer.
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