Manage Data connection with Clever Connectivity

Connection data on the cellphone android often accused a source of extravagance batteries.Most users usually choose to deadly connection data to save data.But the act is perhaps now will make your own bloody problems.With deadly connection data, you may so will make email or message important derived from your feilow.

Luckily, has now present cleverconnectivity that allows arrangement connection data in an ingenious manner without having missed an important message could possibly get in your cell phone.

1.Download and install Clever Connectivity 
2.Run CleverConectivity. Then you will go directly to the settings menu:

  •  Data connection : tick this box to permit cleverconnectivity manage data connections 3g you.
  • Data manager : Check with this box, users can determine duration of his death connection data when the screen in condition dead.
  • Wifi connection : tick this box to permit cleverconnectivity manage connection wifi phones.
  • Wifi manager : like his manager, data you can cycle the period of his death wifi screen when dead.
  • Autosync : tick this box to cleverconnectivity can determine when synchronization automatic will turned or nonactive.
  • Auto-wifi-off : wifi will disabled automatically after a certain period in accordance with which you set before when screen dead and no service benefits of wifi.
  • Sleep hours : you can decide when connection data will continue to turned off.You can cycle of hours 00-06 morning for example.
  • Time on : on a menu this you can now be set period active data the after-sails dead.Period calculated in unit minutes, so if you enter the numbers 1 then connection new data will die after one minute passed.Time off: with time off, you can decide the suspended public data connections the after-sails dead.
  • Usage check intervals : is the sum time in unit seconds required by cleverconnectivity to check that
3.After that save all portsetup you want.If you wear arrangement as seen in the picture then:
  • Data connections ( wi-fi ) will hold 3g / for one minute after the dead.
  • After passing a minute, then cleverconnectivity will take two seconds was on the phone to check whether the data.
  • If the phone does not being available, using data connections then cleverconnectivity disables data connections for 10 minutes.
  • exceeded; after 10 minutes connection data going back on for a minute.
  • Data connections will also automatically on the phone screen start.
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