How to Track the position of a friend from SNS

Social networking sites or customarily abbreviated sns is the site most frequently used by indonesian people when first surf internet.Facebook, besides instagram and foursquare is social network sites who also often used.Well by features check-in, users could easily knowing location friend.

However, not all friend use social networking sites that together so droides to be bothered by opening sistus similarly used by your friend.Luckily, now there are developer application that enables you to trace position your friend of several social network sites popular in an integrated.Preach how:
  1. Download and install FacesIn from play Store.
  2. Open facesin and continue with login to social network sites supported covering up, foursquare, instagram and linkedin.
  3. After successfully logins droiders would request anyway facesin to access allowed a location and read the contents account social network you.Facesin will not post an status to social network you before ask permission first.
  4. The next step stay select next and continue with the finish.Next you can see the profile picture your friend complete with information distance your location with a friend.Droiders also can pick kilometers as a unit of distance by entering setting.
  5. To see your friends check-in, you can go to the Stories.

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