[News] PATH Limit Private Messaging Storage

To increase security privacy the end user, social network path change its policies related features private messaging service.Start on 11 june 2014, all messages are transmitted via the path to the end user fellow only will be kept at server path within 24 hours.The rest will be automatic erased.

The announcement released blog path, their formal service friday ( 6 / 6 / 2014 ).

   All messages download of server path kept in each users, device to log out, they do uninstall, or updates path to the more recent.Therefore, if users want to keep a specific message applies new policies before this them in himbau to open thread the message and keep it.

  Besides conducting peyimpanan special message long, to other applications, users can also meng-kopinya by utilizing facilities screenshot.To photograph, users can keep it with application camera roll for a peripheral ios, and features gallery for a peripheral android.

Unfortunately, to volce message and video, path not providing for keeping it good for ios and android.
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