Lively's World Cup, EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3 Launches World Cup Mode

Welcoming the 2014 FIFA World Cup, EA Sports (interactive entertainment software company) launched the fashion world cup (World Cup Mode) as the latest features from EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3. This new feature would be able to provide the most authentic World Cup experience while enriching the spacecraft to compete for gamers. Along with it anyway, just as Interestingly is the introduction of a brand ambassador EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3 i.e. Efranda Stephen or regular VJ Franda known as presenters, famous model and actress Indonesia.

The launch was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Pullman Jakarta Central Park, on June 10, 2014 was attended by Mr. Pham Tuan (Publishing Directory, Electronic Arts Asia Pacific), Mr. Zhou Junjie (CEO of Garena Indonesia), Mr. Christian Wihananto (Product Manager of EA Sports FIFA ONLINE 3), Franda, gamers and media crews. In the words of his speech Mr. Pham Tuan describes highlights World Cup Mode from the spectacular game. EA Sports FIFA ONLINE 3 is developed by EA Sports and was brought to Indonesia by PT. Garena Indonesia since last February. This Game is available in Indonesian Language, surely this makes it more accessible for the people of Indonesia to enjoy football together online.

World cup fashion allow fans to experience play football in the world cup directly by picking state world cup finalists and play a fixture through world cup.For example, fans who chose brazil in world cup fashion, will play against croatia as the opener of the world cup on 12 june.Of course, fans could make choice on demand and choose 203 of 32 countries and ' menciptakan' world cup own in tournaments them!Yes, indonesia also available!To a indonesia fantasizing to bring garuda to festival football largest to this planet now you can do it!

During the opening event, kick start Franda World Cup celebration two days earlier with the EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3. On the occasion of the performance capacity in Franda EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3 through World Cup Mode. He chose Spain as a favourite country reunited him with Netherlands in the first round and Franda began hunting the World Cup trophy. The meeting between Spain and the Netherlands played by Franda similar to schedule the first round in group B June 13, 2014. The match also marked Franda as brand ambassador has started the first game of the World Cup by EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3! Franda at that time seemed to be skilled in preparing for its home games, it is seen from the selection team, performers, costumes and so on. Looks like he already knew very well the existing features in EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 3.

"Im very proud can start kick off the first World Cup match in the digital world in Indonesia. The level of realism in this game is pretty amazing. I even can customize your jersey and football gear pemainku with the original brand. I'm happy to be free to choose the player and team formation, and memungkinkanku to do so Manager mode Franda clear. The event, which took place the day it's quite festive, good Franda nor its invitation to drift off into a fun atmosphere

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