[Twitter], the American secret Service Agent Direct Clowning

United states apparently like twitter.But sent to join not department that related world information technology, but central intelligence agency ( cia ).

Dept. secret agent the us, finished their debut in the world twitter and on facebook.On friday at 13: 49 local time ( saturday at 01.49  midnight ), account @CIA sent cuitan his first form of joke with peculiar words intelligence agency, as quoted the bbc, "we could not confirm or deny that this is the our first tweets  "

these first greeted a sneer of institutions amnesty international.' tweet first cla would be funny if not for use as an institution torture and execution beyond any law, '  director pprogram zeke johnson.

Within two hours, the first the cia had been di-retweeted more than 85.000 times, and the account has successfully interesting 105.000 followers.

At first, the appearance of the cia on twitter raises doubt the authenticity of identity.But deftly, cia confirm their presence in social media in press statement announcing they will also open facebook account.A tagline of ' agen' that, ' we are a first line of defense nations.

We get something that is unattainable other parties and we go where the other cannot pergi.'Cia also promised to share, flashbacks history intelligence and facts piquant from books fakta world cla.By launching officially on facebook and twitter, cia extending presence online limited outside site public, flickr account and youtube.Formerly national security agency ( NSA ) has joined twitter in 2009 and fbl join in 2008.
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