Tips comfortable browse use Android Phones

By buying smartphone, droiders will certainly more often using your cell phone to surf internet.If you have more funds buy smartphone with sails wide experience browse internet will certainly deliver more satisfactory.

Besides size sails, you can also turn some features on browser android so can increase your comfort in access the internet.Some following tips of ai you can try:

 if phone that you use having the sails small, then you can do zoom to enlarge display web you visit.If your cell phone screen has carries features multitouch, then you can use features pinch to zoom to enlarge view.Meanwhile, if screen you yet having features pinch to zoom, you can enlarge display manually by touching screen twice to appear icon zoom.

2.mode lanscape
 if enlarge or zoom not enough for you, then droiders can try to surf internet in vogue landscape or horizontal.To do this, you can do it through setting.Meanwhile, if your cellphone have used android ice cream sandwich, jellybeand, kitkat then features autorotate you can activate to make browser appear in vogue landscape.

3. Web Shortcut 
  not all your favorite website has an official app that supports the Android platform. For it is no good as you attach a shortcut to your favorite websites on the front page. Web shortcut allows you to access the web directly from the front page of the phone without having to go first to the browser and typing in the URL address him as is often done by most users. To create a shortcut, you can simply press the home screen a few moments until selection shortcuts and do not forget to select the web and typing in the web address that You frequently visit.

4.Press and hold link
  if you were open web and meet links want opened, please press and hold link charred the appear choice to open in tab new.Please pick open link in new tab to open link meant in tab new.And you also still see web first you go so very useful if you want to open many link for example.On cell phone with platform ice cream sandwich, you can open links in tab incognito yard ever visited not recorded in history.

5.Open page with application
 sometimes when you vote link to open, android showing choice to open link is the browser or application.If you faced with the options, then open the link with application of an option the best

6. close the browser tab or window
 when you open lots of pages in multiple tabs or Windows, don't forget to close the window or tab that You no longer wear. It is also useful to save data usage can also relieve the performance of mobile phones. To close a tab or windows, please press menu and choose windows or tab and select any tab or window you want to close.

7.refund policy
  google play give you kebijakan refunds or refund policy within the period of 15 minutes after you buy application.To undo purchase application, please come into play store & gt; & gt; my menu apps.Afterwards, you choose app. you want to cancel and select refund.Then you will be asked to conduct the removal or uninstal application.So, app. erased then you will receive returning money you wear to buy application.

8.non-official apps
  among some things you need to know is not all official application offers the best thing for you.Example is application tweetdeck that offer more features if compared application official artificial twitter.

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