QCM Make Android's Battery More Optimal Quad Core

Phone larger sail processor and a quad cores battery will eat more.It is because to the amount of screen and magnitude power use to prop 4 intiprosessor.

But now, users android processor with a quad cores can save battery easily.There are many application available at google playstore to save batteries.But a quad cores manager + droiders help to save battery for smartphone android processor with a quad cores.To use this application android must in a state of root.

Features QCM+

cores control: the application it has a user interface easy to use and quite simple with some keys that allows droiders to shut one of its cores and activate it if necessary.Mode of persistent: some device we set deprogram to free cores work arbitrarily, but with features will limit system by providing control 100 % on its core used.So more can suppress endurance batteries, not all its core walked on and on.

this feature , called automatic cores on / off, deadly some cores when droiders not using devices android ( e.g. when screen device dead ).Cores automatically activated when device active.It is also member droiders ability to turn on or deadly cores and also gave choice to have two models an alternative to turn / disable its core.

Application to walk when android turned on: droiders should not do setting reëxamined against qcm + when android turned off, because qcm + will automatically adjust settingan previously that have adjusted.Application qcm + can downloaded for free in PlayStore.
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