Smart Document Scanner on android

Technology still developing.These sentences we often listen to picture how technology itu.entah you bored or not with the sentence in fact is technology is still developing.But not just developing world, technology alter the traditional into something more modern.Paper is one example.

 We will use benda this one on various macamsituasi.You will use the paper for writing or typing.
In an opportunity, results activities you on paper probably needed in digital form, in fact you just make it on a sheet kertas.dengan look, you will nmembutuhkan aid printer or your scanner to changed the result on paper into digital form.This is one example of the technology that modifies something traditional modernized.

Viewed from this, technology will facilitate the us right?However, from technologies like that eases, the scanner we will be made more easy.This is why the technology is still developing

Now, through smartphone, we can make android as scanner portable by utilizing application to scanner that can substitute work printer or in copying data into digital form.

For you, bethe android we should thank named smart scanner document on the application.Application to this unique scanner having functions and very helpful penggunanya.anda can use the application of this one, to document scanning change the image to pdf, ocr, make pdf, and others.

And of course once you get the files you can use memproteksinya directly with password.more again scanner membawaanda this application will be able to connect all documents you have keakun google drive andase like a backup if intermittently terjadihal that tidakdiinginkan on file you.

 This application have systems sophisticated useful and help the work by the users.Features other there is a smart in document scanner were fashionable scanning that will facilitate you in scanning many documents to not many draining your time.Not only that course, application to scanner it also has camera built-in that is specially designed to scanning documents.

 After you document scanning you want, you get different options for pinning various effects in your file by utilizing app. photo aid of editing.Another interesting feature is the ability to make and keep file folder in a fragmentary, so you can move the bits around enormously.

Things worth diingata soles, version free from this application will limit you to 10 scan per bulandan pdf you make will having a watermark.To avoid these limits, and aperlu cost $ 4,99 per year to get full verslon of the application.Still, version gratisnya will give quality of being actual of an application for the scanner.

Through the look being neat and interesting, and more importantly easy to use, smart document scanner dengancara-cara uniquely will give road easy for the the user.Application scanner this will save time you in a document scanning in a more portable.

So, don ' t bosan-bosan heard sentence technology still developing.Smart document scanner was the proof tateknologi it continue to bloom, and the development will be easier our work.Smart document scanner can download in PlayStore

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