Easy Root Android L

Not release, a developer claimed to have succeed in doing rooting to besutan google, the newest operating system android l.In fact, google mempublish that os android i just could be enjoyed by the user nexus nexus 5 and 7

But Google could not count on it. Even mengangggapnya as evidence will be simply the process of rooting your Android L, which berimpak at the discretion of developers creating new applications.

Thus, the development of the Android operating system L, faster and faster also available to users of Android devices.

Android Community, Friday (30/6/2014) reported that users who want to me-rooting Android-based handset L need a custom recovery to install SuperSU, Chainfire to then go into the bootloader and fastboot flash boot. the ' img ' according to the handset being used.

However, users who have got root access is not immediately gain access to write the program into the system. He guessed there were limitations to the application root record with an older version of the latest version of Android that is in L.

Google itself finally announced the latest version of the Android operating system with the naming of ' L ' in the Google i/o Conference, which took place not long ago. The latest version is called the most ambitious update to Android, especially because it has the design of the UI (user interface) recently.
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