The world cup in selfie: of andrea merkel NeymarJR and Suarez

Every football star who is arm yourself with a smartphone can do selfie aka swa the photos in the Brazil World Cup event. Many who went on to post a photo on the social networking a sovenir are distributed to everyone.

Thanks to the growth of smartphone user extraordinary, millions of messages and images have been posted on the social networking during the tournament, which began on June 12 and ends July 13.

The number of handheld devices with broadband internet access has increased globally since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, from 800 million four years ago to 2.5 billion in 2013, according to the GSMA Mobile operator Association.

About three million citizens of Brazil and 600,000 foreigners to attend the 64 matches of the World Cup, photographing all over the vast South American country. ' Photograph and do selfie is very tempting. People feel recognized by doing so, and the Internet is a powerful communication tool, '' said Rosa Maria Farah, an expert at the Center for information and research on Psychology at the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil.

' Selfies institutions does not depend on publication. In this case, the individual himself who do communication. This makes the message ' is much more intense, ' continue Farah told AFP.

neymar in the locker room
 Photo Selfie Neymar in the locker room with the girlfriend gets more than a million ' like ' when posted on the site sharing Instagram. In the photo, looking girlfriend Neymar Neymar put his hand on the shoulder. Post photos after Neymar scored twice in a 3-1 victory for team Brazil over Croatia on June 12, where that date is Cversi Brazil from Valentine's day

Podolski and the chancellor

Podolski post selfienya with Andrea Merkel Germany's first woman Chancellor, which is known as a big fan of football. Photos posted on twitter are taken when Merkel visiting Germany team locker room shortly after the 4-0 victory over Portugal in the group phase of the World Cup tournament.

With the President after being defeated by Brazil some time ago, the Chilean team then was invited to the Palace of President Michelle Bachelet. ' Now that's a selfie!, ' defender Gary Medel Writing alias ' Pitbull, ' in a photo of himself with Bachelet.

Bite Suarez 

Expected, fans of football who came from all corners of the world and the countless has taken in 12 cities who selfies to host World Cup matches in many occasions: on their way to the stadium, in the stands, on the road to play at the bar.

In Rio de Janeiro, there is one place which became a fan favorite to take a self portrait: in front of a billboard featuring Adidas Uruguay Luis Suarez with his mouth open roaring.

Hundreds of people take pictures with their shoulders are placed in between the teeth Suarez. As lovers of the ball know, Suarez in this World Cup have been convicted and punished by FIFA because Italy Defender Giorgio Chiellini bite.

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