How to create PHP Login android program

This time we will try to make the application that is used to Login and using PHP as its authentication credentials.

First, Install the application called XAMPP on windows. Download directly on the official website.
After finished installing, open the XAMPP-Control Panel. After that, select Start the APACHE and MYSQL.

Open windows explorer and navigate to the folder c:/xampp/htdocs, then make a new folder named android.

 Second, create a file called login.php in android folder of yesteryear. Login.PHP File can be created by using Notepad.

Save with the fashion all files and named login.php

Third, create a androidnya program. Create a new project in Eclipse with the PHP name Login and fill in as the picture below

Choose selected Next to the tab and enter a Blank Activity like the picture below:

Select Finish. Open strings. xml and do a program code changes as follows:

Save the file main. xml. Now, create a new class in the same folder with the Main. java. Name the class with name ClientToServer. java. Do changes in program code to be as follows:

Save the file ClientToServer. java. Open the file main.CSS java program code changes and do become like this:

Done Keep Watching on this blog
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