Activation cellular phones with the sound "OK Google everywhere"

The end of June and then Google has rolled the significant updates over Google Voice Search service for hers. Now it is enough to mention OK Google, users can directly search for the desired information via Google Search App which is the default application for all Android phones. For users who have not gained such features

Follow this step :
1.Into google search app and typewriting " OK google everywhere "

2.Next choose setting -> Voice -> Ok Google detection.

3.continue by giving tick box beside from any a screen.

4. Click I Agree to accept the terms and conditions of use specified by Google.
5. Please say Ok Google three times. After the pattern of the sound you recorded, features Ok Google is now ready for use.

6. you can also enable Google Ok when the screen is off. One thing that is noteworthy, Ok Google can only be used when the phone is charging.

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