how to overcome Google play stopped

Have you ever had trouble as m gonna download apalikasi fromplay store?As the headquarters application and android, game mogoknya play store sure could be a serious problem for equipment users android.

Following a solution that can you take to overcome play store sudden strike:

1.Delete Chache Whatsapp

If your mobile phone installed whatsapp updates on 4 august 2014, then please clear a cache whatsapp you by entering settings- & gt; apps- & gt; all- & gt; whatsapp.

2.Clear Cache Google play store

Into setting- & gt; apps- & gt; all and find google play store.Next select clear a cache to remove all a cache that is in play store.

3.Clear data Google Play Store

If way above not succeed, you can try remove data by picking delete data.

4.Uninstal Updates


If both ways above not bring results, please continue with undo installation updates google play by picking uninstall latest information.

5.Google Play Service

If the third way above has not yet succeeded, you can continue by entering the settings- & gt; apps- & gt; all- & gt; google play service.Same as third step up the stairs, you live trying to one by one, ranging from clear a cache delete data up to uninstall latest information.

6.Delete your Google account and restart.

Come in to settings- & gt; accounts and select account you.Next press the button menu and select remove account.Next cellphone will restarts and you can sign in repeated by visiting settings- & gt; accounts.

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