Amazing Apple design ipad 9 inch 12

Apple rumored are designing iPad with landscape screen 12.9 inches. Wow, width once eh? The iPad will purportedly named after the iPad Pro. Bloomberg reports that iPad site superlebar this is likely to be consumer  among corporations.
 And the possibility to mengggantikan or compete with the computer.This prediction is visible from any bonds of cooperation between Apple with IBM for marketing the iPad for the corporate market.

 Medsos leakage alerts you of Weibo, a Chinese prototype iPad Pro and got popped on the internet. Site Business Insider, yesterday released a report Wednesday, one of the causes of Apple design iPad is weakening business line tablets. Based on the data summarized by Philip Elmer DeWitt at Apple 2.0 blog manager as the Fortune of 34 analysts, iPad sales figures for the second quarter in 2014 is estimated to reach only 19.3 million units.

That means Apple is experiencing a weakening market penetration of 0.7 percent than 2013. When in the year 2012-2013 iPad sales figures up pretty fantastic, 55% growth from year to year
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