Let's Get to know the app permissions

Release applications that have infiltrated the malware in Play make users often Store Android devices misgivings when it installs a new application. Various ways to prevent the entry of dangerous malware to mobile phones. Installing antivirus guarantee your device is free from such threats.
Let's Get to know the app permissions

For that you should be aware of what permissions the app is required by an application before installing it. See a full explanation about the App Permissions in the following brief:
 what is the App Permissions?

1. any Android application requires authorization from the user before performing a series of actions such as SD card content or access the contact list.

2. with the authorization of such obligations, then before installing the application the user will be notified about any activity that would be taken by the application in question.
 Let's Get to know the app permissions
3. list any activities to be performed by the application is referred to as the app permissions.

4. by recognizing the app permissions before you install an application, users can avoid installing an application which can deplete a pulse or even divulge your personal data.

5. When you will install the application from a Play Store, you can view the app permissions as shown below:
  Let's Get to know the app permissions
Example App Functions and almost all of the permissions:

 of the users generally do not pay attention to the permissions the app will install an application or game. Well to see the app permissions that exist in the application already installed, the user can go to the settings-& gt; apps one by one and choose the associated application. Here is a sample app permissions you need to beware of:

6. Full network access With permit applications to access internet network, then you give your trust in that application to use the internet You line. In normal situations, the application will use it to deliver ads or acquire the needed information from the internet. However, such permission may be exploited by malware to divulge personal data when combined with permission to edit or delete content on USB storage.

7. Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage by having the discretion to modify or remove any content, applications and games that you can freely install USB storage access to make changes that include storage or deletion of data. When you are done playing games, all data relating to your play activity will be automatically stored to be used later as you continue playing the game. However, in an application that has infiltrated the authorization, malware can be used to upload content in the USB storage to the internet.

8. Directly call phone numbers If you install an alternative dialer application, then the application will automatically have the same ability to make calls. Third-party sms applications have also generally been provided with the same ability to directly dial a contact that comes from all the incoming sms messages. The permissions granted at the same time can also be exploited by malware to spy on your talks with calls discreetly to a certain number and illegally recording the talks.

 9. Send SMS or MMS messages when you install third-party sms apps, of course it will ask for permission to send messages on your behalf. Likewise when you install an application of social media that require login or verification through sms. But if you find an application requesting permission to send messages even though the application basically does not need it, then avoid to install the application of the preventive measures you need to travel.

10. Modify your contact, read your contacts. If you install the Facebook, you will be asked to approve the app permissions so that it can synchronize the mobile phone contacts with Your Facebook friends contacts. This also applies to other social media applications with the objective so that you can easily find friends based on contact telephone or email that you have. Similarly on the chat apps add friends based on the phone number stored in contacts. Of course such a permit can also be misused to disclose personal information or worse to transmit viruses or malware is dangerous to all of Your contacts friends.
 Let's Get to know the app permissions
11. the Approximate and Precise location if you approve an application to find out your location, then the application can use it to guide you in navigating. By tracking your location, the application in question can also help you check-in to the site you are visiting. However, the ability to track the location of it is often utilized to overwhelm your mobile phone with sms discount bid solicitation or advertisement to visit a certain place that its location is around you.
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