Keep Your Photos Private So As Not To Automatically Upload

This week, the world was shocked with the release private photos celebrity Holywood and character on the internet. Nganjuk names such as Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games movie), Selena Gomez, and Hope Solo (Princess pesepakpola) associated with the dissemination of the photos should be the private collection.

 The photos that reportedly totaled hundreds of the most of cloud computing services dihack iCloud belongs to Apple that is also used in the iPhone and iPad. Apple has to oppose by stating that the incident was not caused by the imperfections of their system but because hackers who are trying to steal the password property of the iCloud celebrities.

Nevertheless, this incident seemed to arouse the society about the need to preserve personal files.

Many ways to protect files that are uploaded to cloud computing. Such as improved security by using a two level password security questions, designing specific to not connect to cloud computing by automatically.

Although the last is the simplest way, but in fact a lot of people who have yet to figure it out. Whereas in this way, your photo is very safe because it is only within the device without uploaded on the internet.

iOS: iPhone And iPad

Iphone speculation the major cause of caladium regarding the pictures of celebrities on the internet many addressed on the services backups icloud belonging to apple that is in an iphone and the ipad.This service enables you to access all the files that is in a device that lets you do with accounts of login icloud.

To disable the function synchronize photos in iCloud, easy enough to do. First, go to the settings menu "2013 iCloud "2013 Photos. That does not automatically upload in iCloud, you just need to organize Photos into position off.

Facebook On Android

By default, you do not need to do settings in Android because at the beginning of usage, usually the file sync feature on Android are in position off. But to simply know and guard can right? To disable the sync feature in Facebook applications, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Open aplication Facebook for Android
  •  Click the settings menu in the top right
  •  After the open, locate the menu Photos
  • After the menu Photos open, you will see the button Sync Photos. Don't push the button if you do not want the existing photo in the smartphone directly uploaded on facebook
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